Be involved with OHCC

Be Involved

Many new opportunities present themselves all the time in Open Heavens Christian Center and we are always looking for new people to join our community. There are over 7 teams that are always welcoming new members. The main teams within Open Heavens Christian Centre are the Worship team, Pastoral care team, Multimedia team, Beautification team, Building management, Protocol team, and the Events team.

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The Worship Team

The Worship team develops and directs praise and worship within the OHCC congregation. (keep reading)

The Pastoral care team

The Pasotral care team are focused on catering to members, communities, and beyond with food, clothing, shelter, and much more. (keep reading)

The Multimedia Team

The Multimedia team deals with the technical aspects of worship, teaching and presentations within Open Heavens Christian Centre (OHCC). (keep reading)

The Beautification Team

The Beautification team helps maintain OHCC through Housekeeping, they help provide a clean, hygienic, safe and pleasant environment for people to worship in the church. (keep reading)

The Bulding and Management Team

The Bulding and management team (BMT) oversee the maintenance and upkeep of the building facilities, they also look for ways to improve the appearance and usability of buildings within the OHCC. (keep reading)

The Protocol Team

The protocol team helps out in organizing pastors visit/travel plans in order to help spread our message all over the world. (keep reading)

The Event Team

The Event team promotes and helps out with the preparation for the events associated with the OHCC. (keep reading)

Be involved. There are many opportunities for you to use your talents to make an impact in Open Heavens Christian Center

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