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Worship Team

The Worship Ministry Team is responsible for developing and directing the worship of the OHCC congregation. Not only does this include the Sunday services, but they work in conjunction with other Ministry Teams for the Wednesday services, encounter night and special services.

Pastoral Care Team

The Pastoral care Team is responsible for developing methods of reaching the needs of members, community, and beyond, in times of need or distress. This could include food, clothing, shelter, and at times perhaps, assistance in financial matters.

Multimedia Team

The Multimedia Ministry aims to provide, create, facilitate, manage and support all technical aspects of worship, teaching and presentations in Open Heavens.

Building Management Team

The Bulding Management Team (BMT) is responsible for overseeing the maintenance and upkeep of the building facilities, as well as looking for ways to enhance and improve the appearance and usability of the buildings. This may include Carpentry, professional Cleaning, Electricals, Painting, Plumbing, etc.

Protocol Team

The Protocol department arranges Pastor’s outside visit/travel, maintains car park orderliness and churches outside event transportation. It provides support for the various pastors and guest ministers, ensuring that they are well taken care of throughout the duration of their visit.

The Events Team

The Special Events Ministry Team is responsible for promotion and preparation for events involving OHCC, such as parties, dinners, seminars etc. This team will usually work in cooperation with other Ministry Teams in the timing and planning of special functions to be held either on or off church premises.

Beautification Team

Housekeeping is of vital importance in our day to day life. It is therefore necessary to provide clean, hygienic, safe and pleasant environment in the church.
A clean, tidy and beautiful environment is liked by all and also lovely to behold

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There are over 7 teams that are always welcoming new members.
The main teams within Open Heavens Christian Centre are the Worship team, Pastoral care team, Multimedia team, Beautification team, Building management, Protocol team, and the Events team.

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