The Men of Vision is the men’s ministry arm of the church. It provides a forum for the social and spiritual development of the men in the church and the community at large. The men of Vision seeks to develop the men in their walk with Christ and as priests and leaders in their homes and community. All men in the church are considered to belong to this ministry.

Men of Vision (MOV) is an umbrella under which all men of OHCC come together for spiritual, physical and financial empowerment. It is a forum through which men put their collective ideas forward to the leadership of the church for Church development and kingdom growth.

MOV embraces diversity of culture and ideas for the benefit of the church and her members. Members have in no small way shown strength and commitment towards advancing the kingdom of God. An executive of elected members manage the affairs of the group. We seek to fulfill the mandate in Ecclesiastes 9:9 (NKJV) “Live joyfully with the wife whom you love all the days of your — life which He has given you under the sun, all your days of vanity; for that is your portion in life, and in the labor which you perform under the sun.”

We seek to make disciples of more men and encourage them to be good fathers, husbands and leaders. We encourage friendships among men and work towards the wellbeing of every man in the church. We also encourage mentorship between younger couples and mature couples. Events are organised that are designed to bring more men to the church, stabilise families, encourage effective upbringing of children and provide overall health of men.

Praying Mothers Ministry (PMM) is a women’s prayer ministry with the mandate to stand in the gap in prayers for children, marriages and families. During prayer meetings teachings on practical parenting and intercessions are undertaken. Prayer meetings takes place every 3rd Friday of the month at 10:00pm. Periodic retreats, prophetic praying and individual ministry to needy children and hurting parents are undertaken as necessary.
The following are the main objectives of the ministry:

  • Provide a platform where women can meet to pray for their children, marriages and dysfunctional homes, both within the Christian community and the society at large
  • Organise resources for training and equipping women on effective praying.
  • Conduct retreats and conferences focusing on strategies for effective praying for children and families and other issues associated with families.
  • Provide a safe and confidential environment where mothers and ladies in dysfunctional relationships can receive prayers and counselling.

Membership is open to all women who have a burden for the salvation and wellbeing of their children, stability of marriages and the wellbeing of families. The ministry is non-denominational and is open to all who have a burning desire for the wellbeing of children in our society. Those who will like to be committed members will however be required to complete a registration form.
The ministry runs as a charity under the auspices of Open Heavens Christian Centre. Personal and corporate donations are welcome. Regular donations are encouraged to enhance the activities of the ministry.
President – Pastor Eunice Akhazemea

FOG is the women’s ministry of OHCC. As sisters in one body of Christ our aim is to see every woman develop into fullness of the virtuous woman God intended for her. Titus 2:3-5 urges women to pursue personal development; counsel, nurture, help and support one another to develop in faith and form rewarding relationships centred in Christ. FOG is a tool to help women reach their spiritual and social potentials as Christian women and demonstrate the love of Christ to one another.
Manifest the standard of Christ in every way.
Develop in the love of God.
Promote oneness and unity with a sense of family and sisterhood.
Represent the image and display the character of Jesus Christ.
Events, conferences, retreats and regular meetings are organised for spiritual, physical and emotional development and social wellbeing of her members. We demonstrate love of Christ by supporting one another in prayers, through various supports in times of challenges and also celebrate and rejoice in one another’s achievements and successes.
Fountain of Glory contributes to the development of the church and her members by tailoring activities to build women in holiness, integrity, purpose and character. She maintains social responsibilities by contributing to support people in need in the church and community. It has adopted children through African mission and Compassion UK. Her activities are open to all women in the community.

Our meetings are interactive and professional, considering ways to support one another in terms of career development, networking, building lasting relationships, parenting skills, business development, Christian family cohesion, personal and spiritual development etc. We are also actively involved with Praying Mothers Ministry that hold prayer meetings every 3rd Friday of the month – a time for fellowship and intercession for children, marriages and families.

The Worship Ministry is responsible for developing and directing the worship of the OHCC congregation. Not only does this include the Sunday services, but they work in conjunction with other Ministry Teams for the Wednesday services, encounter night and special services. They also create and/or prayerfully design methods of making the congregation more aware of what true worship is. This includes the Choirs, Praise Band, Praise Team, etc.
In line with OHCC philosophy of Gathering, Nurturing and Releasing vibrant disciples into the market place or ministry, the Worship Experience Team provides an environment that facilitates and enhances the spirituality and worship experience of all worshippers.

OHCC is blessed with a worship team that considers worship as an offering to God. It seeks to bring worshipper to an intimate worship experience with the Father. It is unified in the spirit. They glorify God through music that lead the congregation into God’s divine presence through praise and worship. We are happy people who have found greater joy and purpose in declaring God’s love through our diverse talents. At OHCC, worship is a key aspect to our ministry, and our worship experience is all about lifting the name of Jesus high and unashamedly proclaiming the awesomeness of who HE is!
Each year, we organise The Emmanuel concert to reach our community with the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ during Christmas period.
We also work in collaboration with other Churches in Edgware to offer evangelistic and music outreach programs to reach the poor, hungry, broken hearted and addicted with the message and love of Jesus Christ through songs. The flagship music programme, Music on the Green, takes place every summer.
We believe that a worshipper’s experience of church begins with how well they are treated when they arrive church. The team in charge of protocol, welcome and ushering are well trained to provide that warm and welcoming experience that ushers you into the spirit of true worship.
Supported by a well-equipped multimedia department, we work to enhance your experience of the presence of God. We encourage all worshippers to come to church expectant of an encounter with God. This can come during fellowship with the brethren, as you engage in worship or as you hear the word of God. You will find that facilities are available to enhance the development the experience of an intimate relationship with your Father.

The Pastoral care is responsible for developing methods of reaching the needs of members, community, and beyond, in times of need or distress. This could include food, clothing, shelter, and at times perhaps, assistance in financial matters. This ministry exists to make sure that every family In Open Heavens is cared for at their time of need

OHCC has, as part of its ministry ethos, the effective care for her members. Several avenues are available within the ministry to provide care to members beginning from when they first come to church. We know that physical care contributes toward Christian maturity. We provide loving discipleship, prayer support, visitations, provision for physical needs and facilitation of interactions with the church leadership.

The pastor relates to each member as a unique person requiring individual attention. The pastoral board members are available to provide counselling, pastoral visits and pastoral care. We are a happy people and desire joy and happiness in the lives of our members. We care for the whole family even if some are yet to know the Lord. We work towards facilitating member’s integration into the church.

You are a guest only once as we see every worshipper as a member to whom we extend continuing hands of fellowship and care. We look forward to serving you.

The multi Media Ministry aims to provide, create, facilitate, manage and support all technical aspects of worship, teaching and presentations in Open Heavens.

They strive to achieve this by:
1. Reviewing & recommending the purchase of relevant equipment.
2. Creating necessary media for worship (audio/video/DVD recordings, PowerPoint slides etc)
3. Doing all they can to make all equipment’s run smoothly and seamlessly.
4. Taking adequate care of the equipment, ordering repairs as needed or replacement when required.
Recruiting, Training & supporting technical personnel for the worship ministry and other ministries of the church.