Pastoral Care

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The Pastoral care is responsible for developing methods of reaching the needs of members, community, and beyond, in times of need or distress. This could include food, clothing, shelter, and at times perhaps, assistance in financial matters. This ministry exists to make sure that every family In Open Heavens is cared for at their time of need

OHCC has, as part of its ministry ethos, the effective care for her members. Several avenues are available within the ministry to provide care to members beginning from when they first come to church. We know that physical care contributes toward Christian maturity. We provide loving discipleship, prayer support, visitations, provision for physical needs and facilitation of interactions with the church leadership.

The pastor relates to each member as a unique person requiring individual attention. The pastoral board members are available to provide counseling, pastoral visits and pastoral care. We are a happy people and desire joy and happiness in the lives of our members. We care for the whole family even if some are yet to know the Lord. We work towards facilitating members integration into the church.

You are a guest only once as we see every worshipper as a member to whom we extend continuing hands of fellowship and care. We look forward to serving you.